Welcome to the Ormond Beach Soccer Club


What is the difference between Competitive and Recreational Soccer?

Competitive Soccer looks more like what you see on TV or if you attend Live Soccer Matches. The players are trained to possess the ball and pass to a teammate rather than just kicking the ball.

How much Training is there?

Teams have two 90 minute Training Sessions per week. Typically on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. Many players also elect to train more on their own.

When are the Games?

Most will be on Saturday. Each team will usually have a few Sunday games during the year. The Start Time of Games varies based on the Fields. The majority of Games will be played between 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. There may occasionally be games that start as early as 9:00 AM or as late as 4:30 PM.

How much Travel is there?

Very little. There are only 9 Games that require Travel during the Fall and Spring Season combined. OBSC plays in the GCF (Greater Central Florida) Soccer League. Most teams are located within an hour drive from Ormond Beach. Half of the 10 game GCF Fall Schedule and 8 game Spring Schedule are played at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex.

What about Tournaments?

All OBSC Apollo and Waves teams play in the GPS Spring Cup that is held each May at the Ormond Beach Sports Complex. There is no additional cost or travel for our OBSC Teams to play. Coaches and Teams have the option of paying for their own entry and travel to attend additional FYSA Approved Tournaments (List of 2020 FYSA Approved Tournaments)

What is the Cost?

Approximately $1,000 for the season that can be broken down into payments.

What about the Uniforms?

Uniforms are typically under $120 and are worn for two seasons.

Does OBSC have tryouts for Apollo and Waves?

Yes. Tryouts are typically held in late May or early June for the next season. If you are new to the area or missed tryouts and would like an in-season evaluation to join a team, please email us ormondbeachsoccerclub@gmail.com.

What is the best way to prepare for Competitive Soccer?

Practice. Practice. Practice. You can also join our Training Program – OBSC Training Program and watch our Training Videos – OBSC Soccer Skills Training Videos