Welcome to the Ormond Beach Soccer Club


Our Goal at OBSC

The Goal of the Ormond Beach Soccer Club is to provide massive soccer value to the citizens of Ormond Beach by offering a Soccer Curriculum that will transform beginners in Youth Soccer into highly skilled adult Soccer Players.

We Develop Players

Anyone can coach youth players to win. You use your most athletic kids, play long balls, send them sprinting and press the entire time to score. This will produce winning youth soccer teams but it does not develop the best adult soccer players. OBSC provides players with the technical training and ball control skills to develop into the best possible adult soccer players.

Skills Training Leads to Winning

The Ormond Beach Soccer Club promotes a competitive, winning atmosphere without sacrificing the development of players. We believe winning is a product of proper skills training and hard work. That’s why individual Ball Control Skills are the focus of all training for every player at OBSC starting at the U5 Level.

The Fields

The Ormond Beach Sports Complex has the nicest Soccer Fields in all of Central Florida. Anyone who has been playing competitive soccer for any length of time has seen horrendous fields in other cities that host League Games for our Apollo and Waves Teams.

2020 – 2021 Competitive Coaching Staff

Our 2019/2020 Apollo and Waves Coaching Staff will include Current Coaches:  Jon Kinsler, Jonny Mendoza, Kioki Hutchings, Alex Perez,  Kristen Mendoza, Brittany Jones and George Bellingham.

We are currently interviewing other Coaching Candidates and will add as many Licensed Coaches as we need to fill all teams with no Coach having more than two teams.

Daytona Rush Soccer Club Partnership

The Daytona Rush Soccer Club partnership with OBSC gives us access to an unlimited supply of Coaches. They will continue to shape our Recreational Soccer Program by providing real soccer skills training to all Recreational Players beginning at U5 and continuing all the way through High School. This means any players entering Competitive Soccer have been well trained during their years playing Recreational Soccer.